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All included in the UMS online coaching for $49/month
Includes a 4 week FREE trial!

UMS Foundations Program

For beginner to advanced, build structural balance in your body ... includes weightlifting & flexibility
Normally $299 when sold individually

Strength & Flexibility Essentials

Learn the essentials of strength and flexibility so you never again waste time on training that under delivers
Normally $149 when sold individually

The Handstand Masterclass

A step by step guided program to master the straight line handstand including hand, wrist & shoulder conditioning
Normally $149 when sold individually

The Hip, Knee & Shoulder Rehab

After rehabilitating countless injuries we've created a proven set of programs for the shoulders, knees and hips
Normally $297 when sold individually

UMS Progressions Program

Become superhuman with a balance between strength and flexibility ... includes weightlifting, calisthenics & flexibility
Normally $49/month when sold individually

The Mobility Masterclass

Master the middle splits, front splits, back bridge and pancake so you can nail those awesome calisthenics moves
Normally $149 when sold individually

The Muscle Up Masterclass

From not being able to do pull ups, through to muscle up mastery. The most effective program for muscle up mastery
Normally $149 when sold individually

Intermittant Fasting Program

Nourish your body, increase energy levels, reduce inflammation and perform at your peak
Normally $99 when sold individually


All included in the UMS online coaching for $49/month

""The UMS online program is hands down the best investment you will ever make in your training goals. Believe me, this is a game changer. I’ve been training for 15 years and I’ve never come across anything even close to this program."
—TOM WOOD via Google Reviews
We Turn Driven People Into Superhumans
Lay Your Foundations - Prepare and balance your body with revolutionary flexibility, symmetry and strength testing protocols
Progress Your Skills - Build superhuman strength, flexibility and fitness with resistance training, stretching and HIIT circuits
Master Your Body - Level up your movement skills through calisthenics, gymnastics and mobility training master classes

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""In addition to the usual program material, they also have a private facebook page where you can post videos and trainers provide (awesome) feedback.
I usually get personally recorded video responses within the hour".
—AARON DUNCAN via Google Reviews
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Join our exclusive community of movers that provides you with not only the INFORMATION you need to make serious strength and flexibility gains but the ACCESS to the people and resources to virtually guarantee your success 
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Yes That's Me...
I was 31 on the left and I'm 39 on the right.
Before creating the UMS with my brother Yani, my health and fitness was at an all time low. I suffered chronic back pain from a fractured vertebrae I sustained whilst serving in the army.

My energy levels were low and my motivation to develop myself physically was non existent.

The UMS turned my entire life around. The pursuit of skill in movement is consistently motivating and it's taken me to places I'd only ever dreamed of before.
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